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Monetary Sovereignty

Consensus-based monetary systems, such as cryptocurrency, challenge national Monetary Sovereignty. CurrencySolved has advised the US  State Department, the US House Financial Services Committee’s Staff, and presided over the company responsible for the first (and only) sovereign nation’s adoption of cryptocurrency as legal tender, accomplishing a full transition in fewer than four weeks. Currently conducting doctoral research in Monetary Sovereignty and advising countries.


CurrencySolved’s founder taught the first cryptocurrency and blockchain course at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. See affiliated site CoachForged for the free and introductory videos expressing CurrencySolved’s approach to blockchain’s foundational principles. CurrencySolved offers private seminars and access to its full lecture series for customers related to all crypto-related matters. For legal education, see “Consulting Attorney” Section.


CurrencySolved advises law firms related to cryptocurrency matters. Particularly, CurrencySolved has advised as an attorney in recovering assets, responding to discovery,  reviewing discovery, and general background issues related to cryptocurrency. CurrencySolved’s owner LegalSolved is a law firm that offers legal services. Among the services offered by CurrencySolved, any legal advice is contracted for separately than non-attorney services. These services can be billed hourly or on a fixed fee basis.


CurrencySolved will serve as a member of an Audit Committee to oversee cryptocurrency-related issues, as it has done at a public company when one was created on an ad hoc basis to investigate a security breach resulting in significant losses. CurrencySolved spearheaded an independent report and worked with law enforcement and blockchain analytics firms to make board recommendations. See Affiiliated BoardSurance for board-related services. 


CurrencySolved’s success in overseeing bitcoin’s adoption as a tool for Monetary Sovereignty is founded on a deep familiarity with payment systems backed by blockchain technology. Payment systems are not limited to nations, as companies seek payment solutions through blockchain innovations.  CurrencySolved has experience at the highest levels and looks forward to helping your institution understand how to leverage payment solutions. 


CurrencySolved’s founder assisted in the creation of no fewer than four of the nation’s largest non-exchange bitcoin retailers. Although bound by certain duties to current clients, CurrencySolved regularly advises in the space, with experience with Point-of-Sale, crypto-enabled ATM’s, BSA Compliance, and retail purchases in larger amounts not handled by exchanges. CurrencySolved will soon be launching “SameDayBitcoin” for direct purchases.

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